Cold Storage Project Cost in Bangladesh

The cost of any cold store depends on the capacity, type of products you want to store, types of building you want to make, etc.

Suppose for calculation, you want to make a cold store for potato preservation. The capacity of cold store will be (you want) 1000 metric tons. If you want to make a single story steel structure building for this cold store-

The cost may be as follows:

Cost ItemsAmount in BDT
Building Cost 10000sft@850 Tk85,00,000
Insulation Cost 30000 sft@300 tk.90,00,000
Machinery & Equipment65,00,000
That is, for preservation of potato and similar products, the cost of 1000 metric tons cold store, the cost may be about 2,40,00,00 (two crore and forty lacs).

For the cold store of capacity 5000 metric tons the cost may be 2.40×5=12 crore BDT.

This calculation is done in the year 2020, it is not fixed, can be changed over time, upon the building type, building design, building measurements.

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