Welcome to One-Stop Cold Room Solution by CBECL and KENDALL! We are leader in the design, construction, machinery and equipment supply, cold store installation and after sale services in Bangladesh. In a word, we provide turn key solution of cold storage engineering in our country.

We are the professional manufacturer and supplier of cold store, vegetable cold storage, fish cold storage, meat cold storage, specialized cold store, medicine cold store, milk cold store, super market cold store, etc.


This is a marketing website of China Bangla Engineers & Consultants Ltd (CBECL), a concern of CBECL GROUP and SHANGHAI KENDALL REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. We provide industrial consultancy, engineering solution, industrial construction, machinery supply and installation, erection and trial run services in Bangladesh since 2010.

CBECL have a large customer base in Bangladesh and abroad. We work on cold storage, auto rice mill, flour mill, feed mill, oil mill, milk processing cum dairy, auto bricks manufacturing plant, concrete block making industry, water treatment and ETP plant.

We also supply diesel generators, elevators, construction equipment like dredgers, excavators, wheel loaders, cranes, etc.

Cold Store Machinery & Equipment

We supply cold store machinery and equipment from world leading manufacturers of cold storage machinery. We assemble the all cold storage equipment in China then supply to your site.

Installation of Cold store machinery

We have a smart and expert engineering team to supervise installation of cold storage machinery and equipment at your cold store site in Bangladesh.

After sale services and warranty

We provide one year warranty of our supplied cold store machinery and equipment. We have a strong and always ready service team to provide after sale services to our customers free of cost for one year.

Cold Store Maintenance and Servicing

We provide 247 cold store servicing and maintenance service in Bangladesh. If you have a cold storage in Bangladesh and if you require servicing and yearly maintenance service or if you want to rectify your cold store, or if you want to change your cold store machinery and equipment, or if you need to change the insulation of the cold store, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have a smart and expert technical team to provide 24/7 service to keep your cold store ready for all time.

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